Taking men's beauty regimes from the bathroom to the workshop

Skill area: Challenging consumer attitudes

Objective:  Launch a new variant of an established product and encourage the switch

Our client Deb’s Swarfega heavy duty hand cleaner was an established staple in car workshops up and down the country. We were tasked with persuading these macho men to try a newer, more skin-friendly version.

The new Swarfega Orange contained d-limonene, a compound derived from rind of citrus fruits, so we came up with a campaign to appeal to the new meterosexual man to encourage him to take pride in the appearance of his hands as well as his face and hair.

Our campaign was based on stunning art-directed photos of oranges and carefully placed articles focusing on men’s beauty regimes and how they don’t need to sacrifice looking good if they have a manual job that is hard on their hands.

We also produced juggling balls in the shape of oranges and distributed them to journalists to use in reader offers in men’s magazines.