Softening the stigma of a personal care product

Skill area:  Consumer marketing and media relations

Objective:  Raise profile of potentially embarrassing issues for personal care product

Our client’s new feminine hygiene product was not getting coverage in consumer media magazines because of the consumer media’s reluctance to cover intimate personal issues.

Our approach took a different angle. We mounted promotions in local newspapers in regions that had the right demographic for the product’s target audience – typically young women who went from the office to the gym to the wine-bar and who were anxious about being ‘fresh enough’.

We staged giveaways that bundled our client’s product with free handbags alongside the strapline ‘always keep one in your handbag’. Shelf displays for local pharmacies also helped raise the profile of the product and make it less of an embarrassing purchase for women.

We achieved masses of coverage in key regional newspapers, and sales of the product spiked in the promotion areas.