Public health awareness campaign

In 2013, Essilor briefed Gravitas to raise consumer awareness of eye health, educating them on the importance of  regular eye tests and prompting them to find their local optician on a dedicated “Think About Your Eyes” website.


The JUL-EYE campaign used powerful real life stories to generate features and  a “busy mum” poll to appeal to the nationals and get mums to consider eye tests for their kids. Regional coverage was achieved through stunts with lollipop ladies, lifeguards and celebs to get people to think about protecting their eyes in the sun.


The Winter Driving campaign was conducted in National Road Safety Week in partnership with Esso. Opticians conducted  on-the-spot vision screenings for drivers at selected petrol stations, with local mayors and cabbies taking part. Jackie McCord, who had lost her daughter to a driver who had failed a police eye test, shared her story with the media, adding emotional weight.


A strong Twitter campaign  was conducted with involvement from road safety bodies, optical experts and driving celebs. Webchats and infographics boosted interest.


157 pieces of coverage were generated across the campaigns, including Radio 1 Newsbeat and The Express, with 95% of items running the main campaign messages and 70% the website name. The campaign saw a 365% increase in Twitter followers.


2,000 consumers used the local optician finder tool in July and 1,168 in November, the 2 months when coverage spiked; this was from a static start and compares to 420 in October and 315 in December.


The Optician Awards committee chose this as a Best Campaign of the Year 2013 candidate.