Practising safe sun during the eclipse

Skill area: CSR that builds brand awareness

Objective: Create a campaign surrounding the eclipse to distribute safety glasses sponsored by Crizal UV and promote safe viewing whilst boosting the brand.

Essilor briefed Gravitas to come up with a campaign to piggyback on the biggest solar eclipse for 16 years.

The team put their thinking caps on to develop a strategy which distributed the client’s safety viewing specs nationwide and allowed 15,000 people to view the eclipse without damaging their eyes, whilst making maximum impact for the brand.

Partnerships were negotiated with several regional newspapers to run giveaways during the run up to the big event, creating a massive demand for the sought after specs.

Specs were posted to high profile broadcast presenters with safety advice around viewing the eclipse and an interview opportunity with an optician. The team at Loose Women even sent a courier to collect more supplies and the Good Morning Britain team said it had “dug them out of a hole” as supplies were scarce.

On the day itself, giant eye mascots “The Protectors” were sent to offer a helping hand at the BBC’s Stargazing event at Leicester Racecourse to hand out eclipse glasses, joined by an Essilor optician. This generated local coverage, as well providing “on location education” opportunities for the crowds around UV issues.

A mini film was shot to capture the moment and screened on social media with tweets from the Protectors “on location”.

The high profile campaign maximised awareness for the Essilor company brand, the Crizal UV brand and got attention for UV awareness across the UK but also at a very detailed level in key regions.

Coverage provided repeated brand references for “Essilor – world leader in ophthalmic optics” and the logo was prevalent amongst images and print with the specs featuring on BBC Stargazing Live, ITV Central News and Good Morning Britain.

Activity resulted in blanket coverage which reached more than four million people and the client hailed it as a “brilliant campaign”.