Pollen app proves a hit

Skill area: Media relations

Objective: Drive website engagement to increase app downloads and attract new customers

Gravitas were tasked to launch a new A.Vogel pollen phone app in time for the hayfever season in order to build customer loyalty and fan base engagement.

The team set about gathering stats to provide an extra news hook. It targeted 1,000 hayfever suffers including high risk groups such as blooming summer brides, gardeners and outdoor sporty types, to get their worries and woes about high pollen count days. 

A meaty press pack was prepared to launch the stats and a hayfever survival guide from the A.Vogel nutritional therapist, featuring top ten ways to survive.

Media briefings were set up with key consumer press and therapist to deliver key messages about the app and accompanying hayfever range of products.

The media also received hayfever rescue packs with product, tissues and a pretty handmade tissue holder as a keepsake.

The campaign achieved 24 hits in total, with coverage across the national feature pages including Sunday Express: S Magazine, Daily Mirror and Daily Mail: You.

The client saw a sharp rise in app downloads since the campaign and hayfever proved the most popular search topic on the website.