Managing hospital incident crisis

Skill area: Crisis Management

Objective: Balance media coverage

When a young father died during a routine knee operation by a senior surgeon at a renowned hospital it set in chain a series of legal actions that sparked intense media focus and threw up a huge threat to the hospital’s reputation.

Some serious crisis management was called for, and the NHS Trust turned to Gravitas. At every stage – inquest, civil action by the patient’s family, several medical tribunal hearings – we provided full press office service.

That meant close liaison with the Trust’s solicitor, preparing pre- and post-hearing statements for national, regional and local media including TV and radio, and maintaining daily contact with the Trust.

The result was that the hospital, which was not held responsible for the tragedy, emerged with its reputation intact. 

The Trust's chief executive said:“Gravitas were very professional, and their willingness to field requests from ourselves and the media was a real help. Their thorough approach ensured all eventualities were prepared for, and that ultimately the Trust came across well in resulting media coverage.”