Launching slimming product

Skill area: Integrated communications product launch

Objective: Create weight-loss brand with professional support

Tasked with launching the Obesimed weight loss pill into the busy UK slimming market we tackled message and the website.

Our in-house scientist reviewed clinical data abstracts to define clear messaging and mode of action statements and then used the results to shape and draft web copy, sales and marketing materials, social media pages and press packs.

To support the pill with responsible diet and exercise advice, we worked with a celebrity nutritionist and psychologist, to create "The Fullness Diet” based on nutritious foods that satisfy longer. This diet, along with home created films, were posted onto the site which we then promoted vigorously.

Stakeholder mapping identified the main obesity charities who became involved, with one mailing samples to their nutrionist and dietician members. The retail pharmacy media all covered the product, with follow-up think pieces published.

Midlands pharmacy photocalls secured local media coverage to support footfall to pharmacists stocking the product.

For national exposure, we commissioned the "Obesimed holiday fat map survey” which revealed the most fattening holiday destinations. We secured page-lead stories in the Daily Mail, Daily Telegraph and regional press and coverage on the Chris Evans BBC Radio 2 slot and Channel 5’s The Wright Stuff programme.

All of this happened within five months of launch, and included glossy-mag product write-ups using successful case study that we arranged.

Meanwhile a social media platform gave Obesimed UK a full online presence and a respectable following on twitter, facebook and You Tube allowing the brand to reach out to slimmers, journalists, bloggers and key opinion leaders. Google reports showed spikes in traffic and the site was suitably 'sticky’ to support online sales activity.