Improving the hand health of our nation's hairdressers

Skill area:  Educational campaign with media and key influencer

Objective:  Penetrate hairdresser marketplace for Marigold gloves

Briefed to help Marigold target self-employed hairdressers, we did the job in just nine months.

We got coverage in hair and glamour magazines by writing up case studies and storylines of hairdressers whose gloveless hands were ravaged from constant immersion in chemicals and hot water.  We exploited the irony of the beauty industry wrecking hand health and beauty.

We walked into the London offices of Toni and Guy and persuaded the great man himself to back our campaign at Salon, the hair-sector event of the year.   T&G stylists all donned our client’s gloves at the Salon cat-walk area where they performed styling demos. Without fail, on the hour, each reminded the audience “don’t forget your Marigolds here”..... without a fee because they bought our cause.

Salon sales sky-rocketed within months and it is rare today to see hairdressers without hand protection.