Highlighting the importance of Employee Assistance Programmes (EAPs)


Skill area:      Media Relations

Objective:      Elevate image of EAPs and make them relevant for UK workforces


Gravitas was briefed by Health Matters to highlight the benefits of Employee Assistance Programmes (EAPs) to HR directors in social housing, business, education, care and nursing homes and occupational health press alongside traditional HR press.

Following an extensive fact-finding session with Brian Taylor, the Head of EAP, Clinical and Wellbeing, the Gravitas PR team identified the need for a niche market strategy, not just stories to send to the HR press.

Brian was keen that coverage highlighted the capacity of EAPs to actively save lives, marriages and jobs for employees, whilst being a cost-effective addition for companies to make staff feel valued and supported. It was also a chance to showcase Health Matter’s USP – active account management.

Gravitas took on challenging and sensitive case study work across all sectors to showcase real-life examples of EAP support and results and used these to secure coverage in top titles including Edge magazine, 24housing and HR Review. A profile capturing Brian’s passion for the power of EAPs was also written and appeared in local press.

Essentially, this campaign was a ‘news from nowhere’ approach. With no product to launch and nothing new on the horizon the team teased out angles that would appeal to journalists and make them eager to cover the story of EAPs and Health Matters.

In just two short months, as a result of this work, the team secured 10 feature and news pieces in all Health Matters’ target media sectors, with a combined reach of over 5.7 million people.

Through the campaign we also created a live lead with a prominent benefits management agency with the potential for Health Matters to unlock a lot of future business.