Helping clients break down the restrictions of age

Skill area: Broadcast and media relations

Objective: Position Betterlife as the ‘go-to’ destination for independent living products.

Betterlife from LloydsPharmacy

Helping clients break down the restrictions of age

LloydsPharmacy briefed Gravitas to raise awareness of the Betterlife independent living store in Leeds. The campaign reached almost 600 thousand people in the Yorkshire area.

The store had previously gained media interest for their official opening with Channel 4’s Countdown presenter, Rachel Riley, so Gravitas decided that a survey would spark a fresh talking point to return to the media with.

It polled 1,500 adults in Yorkshire about their views on ageing – providing a fascinating insight into the attitudes of age conscious Brits. In contrast, the study showed that more than half of Britain’s ageing population have felt restricted by their age, with mobility a key factor for the older generations.

Results were collated and press releases drafted for key cities including Bradford, Hull, Leeds, Sheffield and York to give bespoke findings for those areas. Sell-ins resulted in hits in the Yorkshire Evening Post and all of the cities about the independent living offering available.  

To support the print coverage, Gravitas arranged a radio roadshow, touring key cities with an independent living expert who appeared on three radio shows in one day including Magic. During airtime, our spokesperson discussed the growing number of ingenious devices available to help people live a more independent and comfortable life, one that better aligns with the age they feel inside.