Flu vaccination service launch

Skill area: Media relations

Objective: Raising consumer awareness

Flu vaccinations for the elderly and vulnerable have been freely available for some time, but when AAH Pharmaceuticals pioneered the UK’s first pharmacy jab service we used it to position community pharmacists as local healthcare providers or “healthy living centres”.

Pharmacists across the UK signed up to administer the jabs and a consumer campaign urged patients to get a flu jab at their convenience and remain bug-free over the ‘flu season.’

Within one month it was clear that, as a nation, we are keen to avoid missing work and infecting others.

The early results showed that it was the working population, including commuters into the City, that were walking into pharmacies at times when GP surgeries were shut.

Kent pharmacist Stephen Foster, said the campaign was “stunningly successful” for his business.

Spokesperson for AAH and qualified pharmacist, Ajit Malhi, said that he had been “overwhelmed by the response”.