CSR for Nuffield Health

Skill area: Media training

Objective: Protect market share

The non-profit making chain of Nuffield Hospitals had developed strong community relations programmes, supporting medical charities and promoting awareness of health issues to the public. This community relations platform was critical to position the Nuffield as a non-profit making body which ploughed surpluses back into treatment.
Highlights include work for the Anthony Nolan Trust, securing regional media coverage to persuade young male volunteers to enlist as bone marrow donors. We staged regional photocalls with male sporting celebrities, fire fighters and police officers whom we had recruited as male role models.
We helped the National Osteoporosis Society generate publicity and funds by creating a celebrity-studded dairy cookbook. We also promoted a better understanding of skin and breast cancer.
We coached hospital management teams on interviews and new generation skills so they  could become more self-starting. Ellie White, Cotswold Nuffield Hospital Manager, wrote: “We attended a PR seminar and showed samples of the Gravitas coverage. During the seminar, these samples were used repeatedly as textbook examples of the power of PR with strong praise for creative photography.”
Many corporate contracts secured during our work were attributed to the positive image of hospitals in their community.