Consumer PR campaign for skincare brand

Skill area: Market research, publicity and event management

Objective: Open up new markets and get in front of new prospects

Gravitas helped Novostrata Cosmeceuticals test the market with a 'pop-up shop’.

The temporary-outlet was opened in Cheltenham by Mayor Colin Hay at a champagne launch party where he welcomed this high street initiative.

Over the next three weeks, we ran a series of events to drive footfall via themed events targeting professional women, young mums and trade buyers.

Glamorous celebrity racing driver Amanda Stretton acted as an ambassador by presenting some of the events, posing in photocalls and conducting interviews about the range, from salon owners and pharmacists.

We created a blanket of media coverage, social media platforms gave the shop an online presence as we tweeted about the events and engaged with Facebook fans.

The client saw a 30% increase in website traffic during the period with many trade visitors. Sales from loyalty cards handed out at the shop were tracked via a unique code. Product feedback was collated.

When the shop popped down again, the client had gathered enough intelligence to tweak its four Ps of marketing (product, price, place, promotion).