Changing attitudes to waste

Skill area: B2B Marketing

Objective: Alter perceptions

The construction industry produces 30 per cent of all UK waste. The Environment Agency had campaigned to reduce this by altering the practices of construction companies, but needed a fresh approach to make a real difference.
The Environment Agency acknowledged a relationship challenge. It needed to build better bridges with the industry. Its role as regulator had created a barrier.
To create a partnership approach, Gravitas advised on an event to which key stakeholders would be invited for consultation to agree what the industry could do about waste and what it needed from the Agency. These included key contacts within leading construction firms and influential professional bodies.
Gravitas managed the logistics for the event, securing twice as many delegates as expected. The delegates, who all held senior positions, responded positively to the Agency’s proactive approach, and the event raised issues which needed to be resolved. A pledge was made to set up a working group to deal with the waste problem. Feedback indicated a much more positive perception of the Agency’s role as partners in reducing waste.