Boosting social media presence

Skill area: Social media enhancement and support

Objective: Work with the client to support social media channels

We have worked with A.Vogel in supporting and enhancing their social media
platform to meet the growing influence online activities have on consumers.

Online channels of communication are evolving, with consumers now listening to their peers throughout the buying process.

To engage fans and encourage a positive brand experience, A.Vogel uses social
media channels to run polls, giveaways and publish their latest news.

Regular social media updates through Facebook, Twitter and their blog provide a
constant flow of information to their fans.

A.Vogel has discovered that engaging fans gives a sense of community and effective
management of social media channels can enhance community relations, both online
and offline.

Social media encourages consumers to interact with a company directly, building
brand loyalty.

Gravitas PR integrates social media into campaigns alongside traditional PR,
acknowledging it as a crucial tool to enhance a brand and build a reputation.