Your Top 5 Social Media Tips for 2015

Social media is an ever-changing beast and we’re constantly being asked by our clients to tame it.

New platforms, exciting hashtags and nomination challenges whizz by our eyes on a second-by-second basis, so remember the basic principles when using social media.


1.  What’s the point?

Never start social media activity without some solid goals in place. Are you after brand awareness or an increase in sales? Do you want to use social media as a market research tool or cut the number of calls to your helpline by handling queries online?

Whatever you want to achieve for your business set a goal and head straight for it.


2.  Know your customer inside out

Where they spend their time online, the language they use, the things they like, where they live – it all matters when deciding your plan of action for social media. Write for your customer, not for yourself.


3.  Leverage influencers…

…in as many ways as you can. Ask for RTs – those that do get around 4x more retweets than those that don’t. Make lists of people talking about your areas of interest and share their relevant content to build a relationship. Consider using celebrities to promote your brand/product/service but remember – not all celebrities are influencers and not all influencers are celebrities!


4.  Stop writing purely for SEO

Google began rolling out Penguin 3.0 at the end of October and the digital world has been taking shallow breaths ever since to see what the impact will be on rankings. There’s a simple way to keep your content top of the pile – make it the best quality.

Steer clear of outdated practices like paying for people to link to your site or relying on spammy, low-quality backlinks and instead start on some quality blogger outreach and writing your own rich content to stay ahead of this and future algorithm updates.


5.  Invest in reporting tools

Whether you’re an agency or an in-house team, running social media campaigns means you’ll need to get adept at handling big data. The great thing about social and digital media is that’s all measurable but this can mean wading through a lot of numbers to work out if your campaign is a success or not!

With so many tools on the market it can be hard to find the right ones for you – to date we’ve not found one that can do it all everything – the trick is to cherry-pick a handful of tools and use them well.