Your real guide to PR evaluation

As 2014 draws to a close, our clients and contacts are dwelling on what’s worked and what’s not over the year.

At Gravitas, we like to take the three O approach when it comes to evaluation. We thought we’d share it with you:

  • Outputs: These are the tools used in the PR campaign, so press releases, tweets, blogs, stunts or photocalls to name but a few!
  • Outtakes: How many people did the outputs reach? Look at circulation of coverage generated, how many people viewed a campaign web page, who downloaded a video, the attendance at an event, how many people downloaded a voucher or entered a competition, how many people engaged on social media channels? Unfortunately, simply reaching someone is rarely the end goal, which leads us on to that all important final O.
  • Outcomes:  Did the outputs and outtakes result in your desired outcomes? This could be a change in behaviour or attitude. Increased brand loyalty or product sales. Did the campaign see increased footfall? These are nail biting questions we ask at the end of each campaign to see if it actually worked.

It’s easy to get bogged down by PR evaluation, but before committing to your 2015 plans, it’s crucial to adopt a healthier approach to measurement and use the three Os method.