What’s in a tweet? How Twitter plans to sell user tweets to brands

Twitter is moving the way of Facebook and looking to mass sell tweets to help businesses better profile and understand their customers.

The tweets of the network’s 288 million users are very valuable to brands and Twitter’s data strategy chief Chris Moody has plans to collate them in a way that’s meaningful and useful for companies with big enough budgets.

Tweets sold in 2014 made Twitter $70m, which seems insignificant compared to its total income last year of $1.3 billion.

Users may worry about privacy, although data will be anonymised and won’t include private DM information, but perhaps it’s time businesses started worrying about the culture of paid social.

Whilst social will, for the time being, remain free for users, the way brands use it to reach them will soon be “pay to play”. The big players will invest the sums they need to access the valuable, real-time data that tweets provide and couple it with information they already hold on their customers to create almost priceless user profiles to tailor campaigns round. 

But what of the smaller companies? Like its ad platform it’s likely there will come a time when Twitter offers different levels of customer-profiling opportunities to small businesses. But make no mistake, companies looking to make an impact and succeed will need to spend more money on social in the future. Particularly as other platforms jump on the user data train.

Question is, will you be ready?