What do clients really need now from their agencies?

We asked our clients and contacts what drives them today when selecting a communications agency and this is what they said:

1. Social media anxieties

Social media has created as many headaches for clients as it has opportunities. Many fear being left behind as they see others using digital platforms well. Others need advice when engagement in these new channels can be risky, ill-advised or unsustainable. We find ourselves cast in the role of navigators and strategists. As ever though, content is king and that can include the right issues and tone of voice.

2. Need for a fresh approach

Many clients want help removing their 'blinkers’. A third party can spot ideas missed but also, the flawed strategy. As new communications channels and communications techniques keep surfacing, the role of devil’s advocate grows. Clients are too busy to keep weighing it all up.

3. Industry knowledge

Clients in the health or the low carbon economies need their agency to know their market and its channels, issues and landscape. These are complex and fast-moving sectors and the agency induction has disappeared along with the long lunch.

4. Crisis management

The impact of damaging publicity on reputation has become much more acute when negative reports can be posted in minutes and yet live on-line for years. Proper plans in the form of scenario preparation can seem cheap in comparison.