Welcome to the blogosphere

Today’s result in the Eastleigh by-elections has got the Twitterati cramming in their opinions in 140 characters but for those who want to say more, blogs are better.


And it’s not just for the citizen journalist. Firms from all sectors use them to reach their targets. So today’s PR tip is to weave blogs into your comms strategy.  


Richard Branson uses his to give tips to aspiring entrepreneurs, but even those start-ups can do it too - take a start-up skincare brand – they’ll have consumers interested in what they have to say.


So why bother? It’s a two-way communication tool letting you speak to customers and letting them feedback. It also makes you easier to be found on the web.


But take note – that consumer feedback, whether positive or negative – is kind of expected and you need then to be ready to respond to feedback fast. Also, try not to write about any ol’topic that comes to mind, make it relevant and fresh.


Blogs are great community builders and adding your brand to the blogosphere could just get you one step ahead.