Weight loss heroes

There is something heroic about weight loss.   Wherever you stand on the politics of weight-loss, the UK is in the grip of an obesity crisis.  Fatty, sugary foods are too easily available, time to exercise gets chipped away, and we all get fatter.

An entire industry is fuelled on the back of this misery, with weak and feeble individuals bouncing from miracle pill A to fad diet B and even gastric bands and stomach stapling.    Mice might thrive on yo-yo diets but I refuse to believe humans do.  You have to be heroic to stay slim if you’re not an ectomorph.

So when Obesimed asked us to launch their weight loss product, we probed the clinical data evidence for any chinks. It’s a breakthrough natural, safe, plant-fibre weight loss product that tells the brain to stop wanting more food, lowers blood glucose levels and even cholesterol  levels and helps those taking it to re-adjust to balanced portions.  I’m using it, it is working and it’s giving me the positive mental attitude to be a weight-loss heroine in my own way.  

I’m thrilled that nutritionist Liz Tucker has put her support behind it.  But the other heroes are my colleagues who are getting it splashed in the media, bouncing around social media circles and exposed to nutritionists and obesity experts and really being an extension of the Obesimed team.  “We’re not a magic pill, don’t paint us that way” said the client.  He’s a hero too.

Kay Williamson