Tweeting - is it only for the birds?

He rocks in the treetops all day long,
Hoppin' and a-boppin' and a-singin' his song.
All the little birds on J-Bird Street,
Love to hear the robin go tweet, tweet, tweet.

Michael Jackson was not only the ‘King of Pop’, it looks like he was a soothsayer too,  predicting the melee of the multimedia jungle decades before the incessant chatter that drowns out the very voices contributing rose to prominence. I’m talking tweets!

I am beginning to think that I am either getting too old to be relevant, should have been a High Court judge - I am so not into popular culture yeah - or I am the only sane sailor on the ship of fools!

How can so many people, have so much to say, about inane topics in so fewcharacters?

My grumpy old man audition over,  I can flip to the PR person within , hop in the C21st and say ‘Of course tweeting has a value, its quick, it helps spread information of use and value  to others and it can be funny.’

The only drawback is trying to keep track of it all, there’s so much out there that listening out for the song that really ‘rocks in the treetops’ means either forgetting the day job or adopting a team of media watchers with ears like owls - one I’d recommend is

The other thing to remember that tweeting is a little like dancing. You can refrain and seem uptight and serious but still retain a level of respect, or you can join in and take a risk. But if you step out make sure you can at least put one foot in front of another and have something worth twittering on about or you’ll be surrounded by chirruping stars like Tom after Jerry’s hit him with a frying pan *!*x?

Richard Tibenham