Top ways for health brands to win influence? Copy the herbal remedies sector

There are marketing lessons here anyone launching a health product or brand can follow and we’ve boiled them down to three essential principles.

  1. Stressing their natural components is the whole point with herbal remedies which appeal to a growing segment of health shoppers wary of chemical drugs.  Promoting phytotherapy - the science-based medical practice based on the study of extracts of natural origin and their use in health – really chimes with tough health journalists as we saw in our work for A Vogel.
  2. Raising awareness by educating consumers about product functionalities and benefits becomes almost a public information service in this sector.  When we announced research evidence from the Common Cold Centre that showed extracts from echinacea purpurea can slash colds by 60% and cut the need for pain killers, the effectiveness message was compelling.
  3. We know that with rising household wealth, growing consumer interest in health and wellness, and an aging population, consumers are willing to give herbal remedies a try, particularly if they replace drugs with side-effects.  Yet the sector is fragmented, with no player holding more than 9% market share.   This may be why some suppliers can form close communities with fans and followers.  The best use their web-space, blogs and social media channels to sustain a steady flow of communications with their marketplace – always a smart move.