Top tips for an awesome press office

If you follow us on social media you would’ve seen the hype of 100% Optical 2016 where we ran the press office and the PR building up to the show.

We pledged that we would be noticeable and provide a high energy role to ensure press and exhibitors got the most from the show. Following this we have put together our top tips for running a press office to be proud of.

  1. Ensure a welcoming press office. The press office should be a place that journalists can work comfortably. Plug sockets are a must – as is storage. You may have some journalists flying from overseas so they will need a safe place to keep their belongings with quick, easy access.
  2. Man the fort. Always have one of your press team on hand at the press office. You may have journalists needing information, fast. The press office is there to help make their experience as seamless as possible.
  3. Be a matchmaker. Prior to the show ask the media if they would like to set up interviews. Find exhibitors relevant to them and pair them up. Like a match made in heaven.
  4. Seek out VIPS. Ask exhibitors what they have planned and set out a timetable before you get to the show. So what VIPs are going to be where, and when? Also do exhibitors have anything else interesting on stand – any demos, competitions, giveaways, charity initiatives etc.? Make a note of these and take it with you. If the media can’t make it to their stand then you should try to capture it yourself!
  5. Talk to strangers. Talk to anyone and everyone to sniff out a story. It might be talking to visitors to see how the show has been going for them, or going to exhibitors for their testimonials.
  6. Sleep! A high energy press office means that you need to get your rest time. Days are long and legs will be aching, so a relaxing evening is a must. Enjoy a bath and soak those muscles because the next day will be more challenging on your body than the one before it!