Top Three Meditation Apps for 2015

Meditation is no longer seen as something hippy dippy types do instead of working – it’s a way we can all cope with overwhelming pressure.

Ironically though, instead of switching off we should switch on – our smartphones that is! Guided mediation apps are perfect for beginners. Here’s our top three favs for 2015.


Headspace is perfect for meditation beginners. Easy to use and with cute animations to illustrate mindfulness concepts, this app shows just how much can be achieved in 10 minutes a day.

There’s lots of other resources on the Headspace YouTube channel, their blog and their Facebook and Twitter accounts so you can grab a piece of inner calm whenever/wherever.

Not got 10 minutes to spare or new to meditation? Headspace SOS has bite size pockets of calm when you need a little help during the day.

Available on: iPhone and Android

Price: Free for first Take 10 sessions with in-app subscription options.


Stop, Breathe and Think

I’m a big fan of Stop, Breathe and Think! You can choose from the list of meditative exercises or answer their ‘how are you?’ questions and have a handful recommended to you based on your mood and needs.

You can learn more about meditation if you want to or dive straight in and the app tracks your progress as you go.

Available on: iPhone and Android

Price: Free on iPhone and Android



Pricier but worth it, buddhify offers different meditations for different scenarios, recognising that we can’t always sit down and relax. Whether you’re trying to sleep, on a busy commute or working online, buddhify has something for you.

There’s also a ten minute timer which you can use to meditate solo – although beginners may find this daunting at first! All stats are trapped and can show how much content you’ve consumed during different time periods.

Available on: iPhone, iPad and Android

Price: £3.99