Think visual to piggyback coverage on royal birth

We are looking forward to seeing the creative juices of Brit PR who will have been brainstorming for months on how to piggyback on 2013’s BIG EVENT – the Royal birth.

It’s going to be a bit like the rush for Valentine’s Day ‘stories’, but 100 times amplified.

Many will try, but only a few will succeed.  So how do you maximise your chances?

Steer clear of the predictable stunt to name the zoo’s latest baby animal after the royal newborn unless you only want a cutesy picture in the local paper.  But if that baby animal is born at exactly the same time and day, or the same number of days early or late as Kate’s baby, for example, then you might have more of a shot at a nationwide story.

If you want to aim for the nationals, you do need to be that little bit more inventive.

But sometimes it’s not something you can completely plan for. We don’t know exactly when Kate’s baby is going to make an appearance, or what’s going to be happening in the country or the world at that time and you don’t always know what is going to happy with your company or client around that time either.

Any number of variables can combine to give you that opportunity to get in on the biggest story of the year. Think quirky, think big and think visual – having a great photograph or something the TV can come and film will increase your chances several fold.

The key is to keep your ear to the ground and sharpen those creative skills in readiness.

If it pays off, it’ll be worth the labour.