The Three PR Trends You Need to Know About in 2015

Wondering where to take your PR plans this year? Get one of these trends right and you’ll be on the path to PR success. Incorporate them all and you’ll have 2015 sussed.

Brand Journalism – Brand content needs to get savvy to have an impact and rise above the noise. The best brands will expect their PR agency or in-house editorial team to have the same tools and quality assurances that newspapers and magazine have always used to create all content.

The key for 2015 is video, as it becomes a “must have” element of the content mix not a “nice to have”. Brands should focus on quality over quantity and use multimedia approaches to educate, inform and entertain their audiences (thanks BBC). If you have a long approval process, think about ways to streamline it to get content up faster. The early bird definitely gets the worm!

Paid Social – With most platforms now offering sponsored opportunities, 2015 is the year when brands will need to factor paid social into their budgets. If you’ve created the right content (see above!) you’ll know which pieces need a boost and will best serve your campaign objectives. Be sure to identify the right platforms to reach your audience or you won’t achieve much, no matter what budget you have. Organic reach will still be important, but paid social will strengthen your messages and increase engagement with your brand which, after all, is the point.

Big Data – It’s an area where PR has lagged behind but 2015 is the time to plug those big data gaps and start paying attention to what social media campaign analytics are really telling us.  Be prepared to invest in the right tools to give you the numbers that are important for the board, but don’t let them blind you.

To make sense of the data and give it meaning to help shape current and future campaigns be sure to look at the numbers and ask ‘why?’ If people are engaging with a certain piece of content look at why it’s so popular. Is it the time of day it was posted? Or perhaps because it’s a video or a strong image or a trusted link? Take the time to understand the why and the data won’t seem so scary.