The secrets of creating a socially shareable video

We’re really excited at Gravitas HQ about the imminent launch of the John Lewis Christmas advert and can’t wait to see the teaser which airs tomorrow (Friday) at 8am.

It’s guaranteed to create that warm fuzzy feeling and kick off the Christmas countdown.  The advert launch has become an event in itself and stolen the crown from Coco-Cola’s ‘Holidays are coming’ campaign to mark the official launch of the festive season.

In today’s social media world, adverts and videos done well can have strong traction and shareability online. We know online videos are a powerful tool to use as part of a communications campaign and often recommend them to clients.

Here are our four top tips to creating a socially shareable video: 

1. Make it human – make the video about something your target audience can relate to and identify with. This way they’ll be more inclined to share with others as sharing is about emotions so we’re more likely to do so if something sparks a feel good factor or tugs at the heart strings.

2. Key message – weave in a key message for the viewer to take home and stimulate a ‘call to action’ or be motivated to think ‘I must do that’.

3. Seed strategically and launch the video with a bang – set a date for the video to air and seed to bloggers and media with the view to sharing it on that date. This will help make the biggest impact. The more people sharing the video in one day makes it more likely to appear in newsfeeds – encouraging them to also share and spread your message.

4. Don’t say the ‘V’ word – going viral isn’t a simple task and is usually the culmination of strategic seeding, good timing and luck! While being known the world over sounds amazing don’t let it alter your strategy or company values – make a video that fits you, your campaign and your target audience. Remember your goal is to create new customers and loyal fans, not rack up lots of video views and empty likes.


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