The laughing cavalier - all the way to the bank…

Nigh on £500,000, one year’s free health insurance and a hefty contribution to crisis management (or PR as the Beeb called it) has been deemed a 'cavalier’ use of public money by MPs.

I’m not sure that 'cavalier’ is a strong enough term to describe how the TV licence fee paying public purse was offset against George Entwistle’s 54-day fling with the BBC. A reward of more than £8,000 per day, over and above the salary he’d received and the aforementioned benefits is not cavalier; it is nothing short of insulting and a complete lack of regard for our investment.

And, while I’m considering this total waste of money, I’m not totally convinced the cogs of the PR machine were oiled well enough either; given the very organisation bankrolling his protection took but a month to hang him in the spotlight once more.

Dean Enon