The day health new year resolutions wither

Jan 9 is the day most Brits break their New Year’s resolutions.

Attempts to ditch the smokes, be less of a soak, get to bed early or eat better go out of the window for 75% of us by this date, as our survey showed the world.

Just about every one of the nationals ran our survey-driven story that day, proving that the media will publish a well-crafted survey press release exposing human foibles especially on physical and emotional well-being topics.

So our copy stressed the finding that well-being topped the priority lists for all Brits this New Year over stuff like financial resolutions. It signposted millions of Brits to our client’s web-site – - reminding the weak-willed majority of this powerful online source of advice and user-friendly tools to stiffen willpower, with advice from running legend Kriss Akabusi and community pharmacist legend Ajit Malhi.

Ajit, our client, trusted media commentator and gentle ‘people-person’ is as good at nudging people into changing unhealthy behaviour as anything emerging from the Cabinet Office’s Behavioural Insight Team and the so called choice-architects they are encouraging.

Good team-result, I say, between client and our consumer health team. 

Kay Williamson