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Pathfinder consortia must swiftly carve out a path to a completely new area of expertise if they are to combat mounting public relations challenges. 

They have a statutory duty to create a media and stakeholder engagement plan – and many GP commissioners will need a wide range of fresh communications skills that may not be presently available in their organisation. 

Yet GP commissioners must act quickly if they are to make and win their case amid the thorny politics and fierce criticism thrown up by the biggest healthcare revolution in decades. 

Below are some of the key issues they’ll face as consortia. To handle them they may need a communications audit or overhaul. They may also require some clinical advice on getting their voice heard, or want to know how to get on to the front foot and stay there. 

Specialists in strategic partnerships and healthcare PR can provide communications audit clinics or long-term treatment and care. Just ask the Comms Doctor.

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