The Comms Doctor - 'Fury as local jobs face hospital-GP axe’

Now there’s a headline you don’t want to be connected with… 

With pressure on consortia to make savings through QIPP, you may find yourselves commissioning joint services along with neighbouring counties. You could also make changes with your hospital provider which may be perceived as ‘cuts to services’ by the local community and media. 

Making sure you get your messages across first – for example that changes are aimed at better quality and access to services for patients – means you can avoid bad news stories which would otherwise focus on job losses or claims of growing waiting lists. 

Gravitas PR can support your commissioning decisions by creating robust media and communications plans, setting out your intentions through an agreed set of clear and consistent messages. 

Our wide experience of working with the media means we can develop the tactics needed to support a consortium's aims and clearly transmit the reasons behind decisions. By taking a proactive approach we can help you manage transition and counter media knocks – thus defending your integrity and reputation.

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