That’s Amore

It’s the aftermath of Valentine’s Day and the Gravitas team is thinking of the relationships we hold with those dear to us, one of those being the one we have with the media.


Today’s PR tip comes from the heart: build relationships to stand out from the crowd. Strong media relations take time to build but, once established, the benefits can be invaluable.


A journalist receives hundreds of emails a day and many will go unread, so what’s going to make them read yours?


Over time, you’ll want to be in a position where a journalist trusts you and values the information you’re sending through. Organising meetings with your target media is a good place to start and should be an ongoing aspect of your media strategy. Like all relationships, being able to see and hear someone on a one to one basis can help build trust.


But take note: Once you’ve built a good relationship with the media, don’t think it’s a good excuse to send them any ol’ copy. What you’re sending them has to be relevant to their readers and if it isn’t, they won’t use it. And have something to say!  Even when you’ve got nothing to announce, have an angle.