Talking 'tash

Hulk Hogan’s is quite special and Magnum PI set hearts racing with his in the 80's, but my all time favourite has to be that which many a fearful batsman had to face head on over the years – belonging to Aussie attack bowler Merv Hughes. These men not only sported their moustaches with great gusto but it also became them. As if their powers and no doubt prowess would be lost in Samson and Delilah-like fashion if they went anywhere near a razor.

 But these men should be lauded for their efforts; for standing out and flying in the face of fashion as we again enter the month of ‘Movember.’

 Movember recognises men’s health and is the ‘facial ribbon’ for issues that affect us, established by a few men over a couple of beers in Melbourne in 2003. Inspired by the women around them and their efforts to raise awareness for breast cancer, the idea was born and the ‘Mo’ made it’s ‘for one month only’ annual return.

To date around £26 Million has been raised with proceeds going to The Prostate Cancer Charity, the UK’s leading prostate cancer charity and subsequently onto education and support initiatives worldwide.

Symptoms for prostate cancer are not always recognisable and often only picked up by a doctor during a routine check up, but in 2008 alone more than 900,000 men worldwide were diagnosed with the disease. There are some telltale signs however that should urge all men to seek medical advice should they appear, namely a need to urinate frequently (especially during the night), difficulty starting urination or holding back urine, weak or interrupted flow of urine, painful or burning urination, difficulty in having an erection or blood in the urine or semen.

It’s a growing trend to see people jogging around a city for a cancer charity or walking at midnight with a fully exposed bra for a similar cause and if fun can be had while raising awareness and cash nobody seems to mind.

I’m not sure who’d get to me first wielding a razor if I took this challenge on, my partner or my boss, but my ‘Mo’ spotting starts in earnest today, especially for those fresh-faced newbies as the stubble begins to take shape.

Dean Enon