Stats, stats and more stats

Chances are you’re full of cold and stressed about putting the housework off?

Well that’s according to two surveys which hit the headlines this week. Monday was hailed as ‘flu Monday’ with 71 per cent of us ditching our healthy New Year ways and 75 per cent of us admitting we’re addicted to putting tasks off.

Newspapers often pick up amusing surveys that resonate with lots of people so our PR tip for this week is to consider a survey as part of your communication strategy.

Surveys are a popular tool to help generate editorial exposure in the news section of a paper with a name check or website link to boost visibility and brand awareness.

There are a few pointers to bear in mind when putting a survey together.

Firstly, pick a topic that people can relate to but make sure there is a good link to your brand. This encourages interaction with the reader who will question how they compare to Joe average. They’ll also be inclined to talk about the piece to see how colleagues compare too.

Be controversial to grab attention and make sure there’s a clear ‘call to action’ so the reader knows what to do next whether it’s to visit a website, shop or check out a new product.

So don’t delay consider a survey today.