Social engagement lessons from Jeremy Corbyn

Is Jeremy Corbyn a social engagement supremo?

The response to the Labour leader’s keynote speech yesterday was a far cry from that when his candidacy was announced and inspires us to draw out some leadership lessons.

An Ipsos MORI Twitter sentiment analysis of tweets about his speech showed 76 per cent of those studied were positive.

When Ed Miliband gave his last conference speech as Labour leader in 2014, only 24 per cent were positive.

One of the bits of the speech that got the most positive reaction on Twitter was the reference to social media becoming increasingly important in the future.

And that shows the power and force of social engagement which has propelled Mr Corbyn to where he is.

Gravitas well knows the gravity of the social media toolbox within the vast spectrum of PR skills and excellence.

But CEOs and leaders can learn too about tone and style from Corbyn.

A leader must be authentic, open, trusted and have a clear vision to take the company/team to the top. A liberal sprinkling of charisma helps too.

My Corbyn has rocketed from that little-known outsider to respected leader of a party with renewed hope and direction.

Regardless of your politics, take a look at our "magnificent 7" Corbyn collection of leadership tips:

  • The success of a leader directs the success of his/her empire
  • Have a clear vision and see it through
  • Maintain authenticity
  • Instil trust and steadfast support
  •  Earn trust through honestly 
  • Exude charisma and let that confidence cascade through your empire
  • Make that success speak – to the market, clients and stakeholders 

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