Smells like team spirit

My mum, my two sisters and I all signed up in our local park last Sunday for Race for Life 2012. None of us are 'natural-born runners’ (whatever that means), so teamwork really matters. Encouragement is often underestimated but hearing 'you can do it’ when running can give you the strength to finish. Nothing carries you more than the encouragement of those around you.

I never had the self-belief that I could finish a race in a good time - for me it’s always been about finishing. Yet last Sunday, my mum encouraged me to start ahead of them at the front of the pack. Standing at the start line was scary but when the gun went off I ran like never before. I came third but it was seeing my family cross the finish line holding hands that made my day.

So when the Gravitas PR team run September’s Bristol half marathon for WellChild, encouragement and team spirit (plus a bit of healthy competition) will be plentiful. To get us to the finish line faster, you can sponsor us here