Slow and steady wins the race

As we wave goodbye to January, ask yourself this - did you keep to your New Year resolution? Did you vow to drink less or work out more only to fail a few weeks in? This is the case for many people who will continue to make the same mistake year on year.

So what’s the key to sticking to a resolution? Setting yourself a goal could be the difference between giving up and pushing through. You could sign up to a spring race to keep your workouts motivated or treat yourself to a new handbag with the pennies you’ve saved from banning the bottle.

Today’s PR tip is something to keep in mind all year round: know your objective. Figure out what you want to achieve from PR - it could be to get people talking, open up new markets or perhaps deal with a crisis. Without a clear objective your PR activities could go the same way as many resolutions - into the history books.

A clear objective will mean you can understand who to target and when. With so many communication channels today it’s vital to know which ones your target market is using. If you’re targeting mums, think outside the box and consider bloggers in addition to print magazines and think about the role Facebook and Twitter has in generating consumer feedback.

An understanding of what you want to achieve will make the journey more meaningful and you’ll be able to measure the results effectively.

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