Show and tell

Have you ever bought a product based on a friend’s recommendation? The likely answer to this question is yes.

What about if you read a customer review in a magazine, do you find that more credible than a paid-for advertisement? Again, more than likely you’ll answer yes. Today’s tip focuses on the strength of using case studies to promote your product or service.

Case studies show potential customers results what they can expect by using your product or service, but there are a few things to bear in mind.

Think about your target publication. Take the latest smartphone as an example - a women’s magazine might not pick up on a case study where the person talks about the technical aspects of the phone, but they might like how the phone can easily fit in your jean pocket.

Be honest. Although you’d like the case study to rave about the product or service, don’t put words in their mouths. If the case study thought the product was too expensive, let them say so. Put the good with the not-so-good.

Case studies can really enhance your product or service offering, but beware, it’s not an advert.