Should GPs be worried about the future

Confucius once said “there are two types of man: he who say he can and he who say he can’t – and they are both right”.

I think there will be two types of GP in Andrew Lansley’s new look NHS – those who will roll up their sleeves and get on with it and those who will actively avoid change at all costs. I believe it is the latter, if any, who will cause this plan to fail.

According to recent headlines, two out of three GPs are unhappy about changes to the health service that make them accountable for £80 Billion of commissioning. And who wouldn’t be nervous when the politicians decide to wash their hands of responsibility?!

But many see this as an opportunity for GPs to be at the heart (sorry about the pun!) of Britain’s health needs – and that’s exactly what a doctor has always been. GPs are best placed to ensure patients get the care they need, when they need it; they are the most trusted profession; and we literally put out lives in their hands.

So I for one would like to see them making the decisions, collectively, on how to help shape the health of our nation.

And to those GPs who continue to plough on in defiance, resisting change and blaming others without take a leading role in the future, I say this… you were right all along, you can’t do it. But maybe if you had given it a go things would’ve been different.

Andy Rea