#ShareACoke the first to buy Twitter emoji

As part of its #ShareACoke campaign, Coca Cola has developed an emoji for Twitter, making it the first brand ever to buy an emoji on the social media website.

The custom emoji of two bottles clinking together appears when #ShareACoke is tweeted.

When it launched in 2013, the Share a Coke campaign saw the fizzy drinks giant replace its brand name on bottles with 150 of the UK’s most popular names, encouraging friends to ‘share a coke’.

Following its success, Coca Cola has taken on a new online venture, using its strong relationship with Twitter to call dibs on the first paid for, branded emoji.

It just so happens that this year is the year of the emoji. It’s practically a second language to many people across the globe. Many can communicate whole sentences through a series of tiny images which are actually pretty coherent to others.

We’ve seen Twitter using emojis for the 2014 World Cup and the 2015 General Election, but these were more of a free fun gimmick than a profit maker.

In the future we can expect to see more and more brands making use of this new service from Twitter to engage fans and followers. Perhaps we’ll soon see a Netflix logo emoji, a British Airways plane… or maybe a VW car in a cloud of diesel fumes.