Rude health: how regional newspapers can survive the digital shift

The newspaper industry had two choices when reeling from the digital invasion – lay down and die or join the invaders.

Yes, national and regional newspapers have been rocked by the groundswell away from print to digital platforms – sales have plummeted by 40 per cent in the past 15 years.

Yet editors and CEOs are darned if our beloved newspapers will become extinct. They’ve embraced the digital transformation and monetised it.

They forecast that online advertising and services will shore up their trusty print titles and turn them into very profitable businesses, knowing the trust and loyalty of the newspaper brand has enduring value to readers and advertisers.

With our expertise in the regional media scene, we can help client companies maximise their exposure and ROI across all traditional, online and social media platforms provided by these new regional media channels.

Take Trinity Mirror Plc, which publishes The Chronicle (Newcastle), The Journal and Sunday Sun in the North East. They operate a digital-first strategy and want PRs to collaborate with them by developing editorial or paid-for packages across all platforms, mobile, desktop, social and print.

The best PR practitioners become adept at creating search-optimised content for the digital platforms. They know their clients’ digital audiences and use analytics to inform content decisions.

And, like the media, they remain progressive, innovative and change-adept.


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