It’s double-awards time for our client Essilor.  Weeks after they bagged Optician magazine’s Campaign of the Year award, we are shortlisted in three PRCA DARE awards for the same campaign: #thinkaboutyoureyes.

Award entries work when they capture the values that knit a team together and remind everyone ‘we did that’, after the work is done.

What we did – along with Essilor’s amazing team – was to nudge a nation to think about its eye health.  The strategy is mapped out here.  We also surprised hundreds of independent opticians, the bed-rock of the campaign, by giving them a new type of local PR and footfall.

We’ve nudged maybe hundreds of people to get their eyes tested to pick up killer diseases.  We’ve also nudged people into pharmacies for blood pressure tests, into health centres for screenings and hospitals to donate bone marrow and many other places outside their comfort zone.

It takes an awful lot of cut-through to change human behaviour this way. It needs very compelling storyline content, repeated over many channels, and sometimes, a channel has a wobble.

When one ultra-key channel went wobbly, it took brainpower and long hours to fix it, but that’s just what my team did.

Our values are bravery, intelligence and our team ethic and the team displayed all when most people would have given up. 

We’ll be celebrating that, this June 5th, as we bid for Best Consumer PR, Best Campaign Challenge and my favourite - Live, Launched and Loud.  Happy Days!

Kay Williamson