Pope upstaged in big news tweet-off

Wow; what a news day. As I sat down to blog about the pope entering the cyber-world of Twitter - lol - I read that the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge are, or is it is LMAO, expecting.

So what does a blogger do under such pressure? Never before has a pope poked, added, requested or linked let alone tweeted. But here he is upstaged by the pending royal arrival we have all been waiting for leaving me torn in two and having to compromise.

What it has demonstrated however is, that no matter how big your PR machine may be or by how many followers (both digital and disciple) you may have, you have to scan the horizon before pitching your news.

The pope going all 'street’ on us was only ever going to be upstaged by one of two things. The first would be the second coming of Christ himself. The second… he didn’t see coming at all.

Dean Enon