Pfizer to face stiff opposition

After 14 years of market domination, Pfizer is to lose its UK Viagra patent this month.

Probably one of the most talked about and sought after drugs since penicillin was discovered, this little blue pill has hit the headlines for many reasons during its reign.

It has transformed the lives of many couples living with erectile dysfunction issues and been the number one internet ‘healthcare’ phenomenon – sparking record purchases for both legitimate and counterfeits as both sides of the fence took advantage of the needy or the greedy.

The price of each pill looks like it will drop from around £10 to a reported 85p too which will no doubt see private sales go through the roof as rival drug manufacturers come to market. And, it will be interesting to see the demographic making the private purchases. Will the little blue pill lose its stigma and just become another readily available ‘marital aid’?

Regardless, Pfizer should be saluted for its efforts and deserve the years it has had to recoup its R&D outlay – but I don’t see them limping away without a fight…