Opticians who promote new eyewear can see a brighter future

Might they one day view the humble specs as accessories, the way they see sun-glasses as collectable objects of desire?

Spectacles should be set for a UK sales boom. The UK has an ageing population with more disposable income. This population is more health-conscious and it faces more eye-sight problems from its addiction to PCs and smart phones.

If our high street retailers are to share in this sales boom, they have to work around their biggest threats: internet sales offering consumers low prices and promotions, and rival retailers selling private label products which push customers down a value route.

Analysts predict that this threat from the value end of the market will drive product manufacturers to innovate and offer higher quality levels to justify premium prices.

New materials, niche brands and craftsmanship will refresh the market and generate sales among the aspirational, cash-rich consumer.

More wearable frames offered in better colours, in inventive materials like wood, acetate and titanium, that are lighter and eliminate troublesome screws, all appeal to that consumer. It just needs good marketing to position eyewear as a vital accessory to match the consumer’s style or reflect trends.

Consumers will invest in products which offer convenience, embody luxury or make them look good.   The person who can match the right product to the consumer is the independent optician who embraces their local market through excellent customer care and effective marketing.

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