Hippies moaning and bending into funny positions used to spring to mind when yoga was mentioned but since starting a course a month ago I’ve found practising 'downward facing dog’ and 'child’s pose’ to be the highlight of my week.

The promotional leaflet said it would clear my head and focus the mind so I jumped at giving it a go!

We’ve also just finished a campaign around Stress Awareness Day where we promoted advice clinics in local community pharmacies and highlighted the consequences of not managing stress (including heart disease) so I thought I’d better practise what I preach and start taking steps to unwind after a busy day at the office.

When you’re told to coincide your breathing and movement while balancing on one foot, with your arms in the air it’s no surprise that you become completely absorbed in the moment (trying not to fall over) and after the first session I was hooked.

So if you’re planning on taking up any hobbies for the New Year and fancy a bit of light hearted stress relief then I’d recommend giving yoga a shot. All together now ommmmm

Kate Screen