Not another Halloween blog post

Halloween campaigns can be amazing if done correctly, but more often than not they can be over-egged and just a little bit unnecessary.

Is seasonal marketing losing its touch?

Social media means that everyone can get in on the action, combining the good with the bad. We all want to be a part of that trending topic, but it just comes down to knowing when you’re doing your brand more harm than good.

How many e-newsletters have you received Halloween themed? How many of those actually had anything to do with Halloween? Maybe a couple of bats added and some ‘spooky’ text – not exactly inspiring is it?

Sometimes brands need to really shoehorn themselves even to get a slight notion of Halloween. Is there much point?

Sometimes these gimmicks can instead just cheapen the brand. If the shoe fits, go for it. But don’t force a seasonal gimmick just for the sake of it. Check out @Innocent, @PersilUK and Airbnb’s night in Paris Catacombs for Halloween done right.



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