My Week with Gravitas - Olivia Mace

Olivia joined the Gravitas team for one week to learn real-life PR skills and see if the industry is a good fit for her. Here, the sixth form student shares her thoughts after learning 'on-the-job'.

My first day of work experience at Gravitas PR was very exciting. As soon as I entered the building I was greeted by the team, who were all very attentive and approachable. I arrived at 10:30am in the middle of the weekly team meeting, and quickly got stuck in. Coming together at the start of the week is vital, to celebrate victories, ensure problems are addressed, share ideas and discuss new business and I enjoyed being a part of it.

After the meeting, I was shown to my desk and given my first task of the week – researching and creating ideas for a campaign social media content plan. This meant that I had to get creative –writing tweets to get people engaged and promote awareness of the campaign issues. Instantly, I liked the sound of this, Googling and researching the campaign with the help of existing media content, such as the previous campaign that promoted eye protection from UV light, and finding my own ideas.

After creating a ‘mood board’ of ideas from my research and coming up with creative puns and slogans, I began organising the content structure. Researching something that I’ve never thought about before made me realise how relevant this campaign is, and how it important it is that the messages are brought to the public’s attention. Gravitas applying themselves to a cause so applicable and essential to daily life, and the lives of those around us, was quite inspiring, and a fascinating subject for me to get to grips with.

After lunch, I attended a meeting to discuss one of the team’s upcoming campaigns. This meant that again, we could pitch our ideas, whilst working down a highly thorough and organised list of actions ready to be delegated. A mini-brainstorm broke out and I was able to jump in with ideas of my own. It was really interesting to see how campaigns start from scratch and exciting to see how it will be brought to life.

The constant communication within the team at Gravitas makes it such a gratifying and successful business to be involved with. But also, the reassurance and help Angharad has so far given me makes me appreciate my experience even more. I am thoroughly looking forward to the rest of my time at Gravitas, and am very thankful for the opportunity. My first few days have already confirmed to me that the world of PR, marketing and communications will definitely be a career choice in my future.