Man sleeps in same room as other man

That would not make a very interesting headline. However ,  ‘Hague’s aide resigns over alleged affair’, tends to prick up the ears of the public.

Being in the public eye demands care and thought about all actions, innocent or less innocent. This is the double edge sword of the PRification of politics, celebrity=scrutiny.

William Hague’s decision to reveal the private circumstances of how difficult it has been for him and his wife ,Ffion,  to have children is a risky strategic response to the news that he shared a twin room, during the Election campaign, with a young man who was on his staff. All obviously innocently.

That said, what else could he have done? These days revelations demand to trumped by more graphic demonstrations of normality.

 Mr Hague will no doubt be more than relieved that the individual responsible for the association of spin with the political chose to publish his memoirs in the same week.  A happenstance that takes the heat off but probably won’t cool the tongues of the chattering classes.

What can individuals and businesses learn from poor William’s plight?

There are some easy lessons here.

·    Like all good boy scouts, Be Prepared. 

·    Have your answers to tricky questions ready

·    Make plans for a crisis

·    Monitor what you are responsible for 

·    Ask yourself some objective questions you might ask if you were looking in the media mirror, ie how will this look to others?

·    If you don’t know the answers then get advice from someone who will tell it like it is, a good PR agency or adviser.

There is probably only one question they won’t answer truthfully, and that’s ‘does my bum look big in this?’  But in truth, you already know the answer.

Richard Tibenham